CALT-SPK Regulated Terminal

About CSRT(CALT-Swissport Regulated Terminal)


As a terminal with its own security system designated as a commercial shipper in accordance with the Aviation Security Act, security checks are conducted within the terminal and cargoes loaded and operated can be exempted from airline security checks.

CALT-SPK Regulated Terminal(CSRT) is Korea's first commercial shipper terminal that commenced business after receiving approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in September 2019. This terminal is equipped with a 100% X-Ray search security system that meets ICAO standards, an export declaration computer system, and secure truck transportation to the airport, providing perfect security for export air cargo. It is differentiated in terms of cargo security, even capable of BUP operation. CSRT's main tasks are carrying-in cargo for export cargo including transshipment, RFC, security inspection, build-up operation, pallet-level airline handover service using security trucks. Security truck operation business is also carried out.

Business Model

CALT Korea City Airport Co., Ltd. Swissport
City airport terminal operation know-how for air passengers and baggage
Owning an airport bus terminal and investing in facilities
Experience in operating multiple domestic and international logistics center (Busan New Port, Pyeongtaek Port, Incheon International Airport, Poland, etc.)
Know-how in global operation services specialized in the airline business
Operation of terminal facility management, sales, human resource management, etc.
Execution of contractual relationship with security and various airlines


Email : lkw@calt.co.kr
TEL : +82 1566-5785

Business Model

  • Importing and exporting of export cargo

  • X-ray security screening

  • BUP work agency

  • Security screening cargo (BUP) security transportation

  • Import and export air cargo storage and fulfillment service

  • Cargo charter flight arrangement and general operation agency

  • Transshipment Cargo/Mail Re-FWDG Service

  • LCC’s overall cargo business

  • LCC’s overall cargo business

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