CALT-SPK Regulated Terminal

Facility Status

Location and size

Incheon International Airport Logistics Complex Korea City Airport Terminal 2 Unit 406, Korea City Airport Incheon Airport Logistics 2 Center, H2 Block, 135 Free Trade Road, Jung-gu, Incheon

4th floor office
3rd floor warehouse

Possessed equipment

division name quantity
security equipment Large (1.8M) Xray Inspector for Cargo Inspection 1
Medium (1.0M) X-ray scanner for cargo inspection 1
Explosive Trace Detector (ETD) 1
Door type/portable metal detector 2 (each)
operating equipment Special truck for security cargo transportation 4
Pallet automatic movement and loading device 1
Forklift (2.5/7/8 tons) 13
Conveyor belt for parcels 2
Mobile truck dock 2
BUP M/D (Main Deck) aerial platform *Height (maximum) 2.5m 2

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