CALT-Cargo Service Center

About CCSC(CALT Cargo Service)

CALT Logis, which aims to provide public air logistics infrastructure, operates the Calt Cargo Service Center (CCSC), which provides carry-in agency and freighter BUP services, along with the CALT-Swissport Regulated Terminal (CSRT).

※ Anyone can use CALT's logistics infrastructure.

Use Cases

basic service

Ready for carriage of export air cargo

Carry-in service for airlines and console companies (including MAWB delivery)

Pre-existence X-ray search for battery

Loading BUP for cargo plane loading

SEA & AIR container unloading

Other special care services (cargo repair work, photography, etc.)

additional service

Trade consulting and forwarding services

Console connection service (optimal fare recommendation and reservation)

Cargo storage service before export

Domestic cargo pickup and delivery service

Cargo charter arrangement and general operation support (including cabin loading)

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