Logistics Center

CALT Logis Poland

Installation date Since 2020
address ul. Ryszarda chomicza 26, Tyniec MałyWroclaw, Poland
major bussiness Logistics center rental, (bonded) cargo storage and value-added operations, Inventory management (VMI), land transportation, Forwarding service, etc.

Warehouse overview

We operate a logistics center that can store general cargo and bonded cargo and perform various operations. 


    ul. Ryszarda chomicza 26, Tyniec MalyWroclaw, Poland 


    5,385sqm(Storage), 150sqm(Office)


    4 Truck Dock, 1 fork lift(5t)

Using two 24t self-driving trucks and a forklift,
We can provide ground transportation services to neighboring countries and around Wroclaw.

Our major customer




+82 1566-5785

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